Agape Wellness Ministry - By Dionne P Williams

“For Women of All Shape, Sizes & Colors to Receive Optimal Healing from God Almighty”


  • Are you wondering when you will gain PEACE and HEALING from PAST & PRESENT HURTS?
  • Do you truly want to make changes to your life, that will allow you to UNDERSTAND and have a DEEPER RELATIONSHIP with GOD so that you can have the PEACE which you have been searching for?

                  DIONNE P. WILLIAMS - FOUNDER & CEO of Agape wellness ministry &  "A mother's path"


Dionne is blessed to be the Founder of, AGAPE WELLNESS MINISTRY, which is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization for Women of All Shapes, Sizes, and Colors. These are Women throughout the world seeking Healing and the Love of God! 



The Lord called Agape Wellness Ministry to help bring forth His will to many women in a manner that He saw fit after the loss of her youngest son. Agape Wellness Ministry partners within the community and participates with many activities and sessions. Agape Wellness also takes the time to reach out and assist women with trying to heal while walking down life's paths. We provide teaching on various subjects concerning life, emotional and spiritual needs, while providing transparency. The paths lead to various levels of healing and growth, which can be accomplished. There is also a subsidiary called "A Mother's Path" which also Ministers to Mothers who have children with various conditions, loss a child or children and... the Mothers who are in need of healing themselves.



To Encourage, Educate and to Empower "ALL" Women & Mothers in as many areas as possible.  To help "ALL" Women & Mothers who have endured all types of issues in life and desire to grow naturally & spiritually in a true relationship with God. We meet many Women throughout the United States, Overseas and the Communities who are seeking more from God and wanting so much more peace. Hurt comes in all forms and fashions, but God wants to HEAL the Hurting!!

Psalms 30:2 says, “O Lord, my God, I cried for you and you healed me.”


Dionne travels and has a weekly Anointed Prayer Line called "The War Room", because Prayer is a Weapon! The "War Room" is joined by Women from all over the United States and God continues to bless and heal each week. Women are encouraged to increase their Faith in God, as well as their Relationship with God.  Dionne has spent several years compiling her very own Testimony according to God's will, and it has become a valuable piece of written literature to all who have opened their hearts to have read and become encouraged about life. 

Dionne is the Author of two books, “A Penny Is Worth More Than You Think” and "The Rhythm And Flow Of Prayer."  She conducts Teachings & Individual Consultations and Group Sessions/Seminars and Workshops for Women, as well as ZOOM Sessions for Women from all over the United States to encourage Healing.  She is often invited to be a Speaker and has provided Radio, Television, Virtual Teaching sessions and Interviews. Dionne also provides Virtual Sessions for "A Mother's Path" which is also a "Private" Facebook group page. Invitations are open. Request must be made or invited to join the "Private" page.

Dionne has a Master’s Degree in Theology from Liberty University, and is also a Journalist who loves to read and write.  Dionne is married to Steven and lives in Virginia!

For any request for bookings or book signings, please send your contact information via the contact.