Agape Wellness Ministry - By Dionne P Williams

“For Women of All Shape, Sizes & Colors to Receive Optimal Healing from God Almighty”




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                A "Penny" is Worth More than You Think

A "Penny" is the smallest coin it does not have much value. Around the world, the value of a "Penny” is the same. The copper coin tends to shine, but it can be dull and discolored rather quickly. However, no matter its appearance, it is still called a "Penny." Although, I never knew why, but I have carried the nickname of “Penny” since I was a child.

“After a tragic event in my life, the Lord has led me to be transparent and tell my story." SO...although a "Penny" typically does not have much value, you may be surprised to find that "A Penny Is Worth More Than You Think."

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                   The Rhythm and Flow of Prayer

Prayer is a means for communicating with God. Many do not realize that when we enter into an honest worship mode, prayer, and meditation allows us the access to peace.

The Rhythm & Flow of Prayer shows the various levels of prayer we can aspire to while walking with God. Prayer can activate a time of release and worship in your life. Praise is your Weapon and exploration of prayer can result in the acquisition of new levels. She also reveals how the enemy will attempt to trick you or trap you during your prayer pursuit.

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Over the years I’ve watched AWM bless many women by connecting them to Jesus and deepening their relationship with Him. From the personal testimonies, prayer meetings and teaching provided at each of the seminars, the women engaged openly without fear of shame of embarrassment of their current situation or past. AWM encourages each woman to tap into their inner self to receive a breakthrough in their life. I have been truly blessed to be a part of Agape Wellness Ministry. I am one of the women affected by this ministry. God is doing a great work. The best is yet to come. - Patrice Piggott

"The healing empowerment Summit was life changing for me. I experienced such a powerful move of God during the summit and and an even more powerful move of God on my way from the summit. I could literally feel God's power pouring into me. I was truly EMPOWERED!! HALLELUJAH!! To God be the glory!"

"My experience with Agape Wellness was awesome, because the women that were there help me to relax and not be afraid to express the way I felt to them and the almighty Lord Jesus Christ as we began and worship. I started to release and let God pour the Holy Spirit into my heart and soul and take control of my tongue, something I didn’t think I could do around other people. Agape Wellness is a good women empowerment to be apart of so now every Tuesday night I pray with these women of God at 730p. It’s very heart felt. I hope my testimony touches other hearts when reading this and join us in fellowship in building our relationship with our creator." - Sabrina