Agape Wellness Ministry - By Dionne P Williams

“For Women of All Shape, Sizes & Colors to Receive Optimal Healing from God Almighty”

Previous Seminar Topics

Examples of "Topics" you may choose OR prefer for Conferences, Seminars or Retreats for your Group.
(Groups may choose OTHER TOPICS per their preference…. please contact Dionne.)

  • Now Is The Time!
  • Forgiveness.....What Are You Going To DO?
  • We Have A Hard Time With Holding On To Un-forgiveness
  • What Are You Seeing?
  • The Purpose of Worship
  • Overcoming Seasons of Sadness
  • So Why Not?
  • A Mother's Path
  • Adoration & Loyalty to God!
  • God's Love Is Worth More Than You Think
  • Women and Our Relationships With Each Other in Christ
  • I'm Here...But Am I Free?
  • Releasing...Who, What, When, Where, Why??
  • For "Mother's Only"
  • Mountains & Valleys of A Path
  • On The Path of Searching
  • I Will Walk & Not Faint
  • Take the Time & Be Still