Agape Wellness Ministry - By Dionne P Williams

“For Women of All Shape, Sizes & Colors to Receive Optimal Healing from God Almighty”

Frequent Questions

What is does Agape mean?

Agape means "Unconditional Love."  God has "Unconditional Love" for us all.


What is A Mother’s Path?
It is a Spiritual group for ALL Mothers who are experiencing or have experienced various forms of hurt in life and are trying to overcome this path that they walk..

What will Agape Wellness be doing?
Agape Wellness will address many different topics that "ALL" women deal with, but address them to allow us to grow spiritually.

What forms of Wellness does A Mother’s Path provide?
We share videos to assist with personal growth as Mothers and with personal growth.  Reaching out to address needs.  Learning how to walk the various paths Mother’s are on. Making the right choices and prayer.

What topics does A Mother’s Path cover?
We have covered Loss, Loneliness, Choices, Finding it hard to Pray, Finding the Right Path, Mother’s Day, and more.

Does Agape Wellness Ministry Travel?

Can an item be purchased on “Agape Wellness Ministry” website?

Are Sessions or Seminars able to scheduled online?
Please send a message to Agape Wellness Ministry or A Mother’s Path with information before attempting to schedule.