Agape Wellness Ministry - By Dionne P Williams

“For Women of All Shape, Sizes & Colors to Receive Optimal Healing from God Almighty”

I Come Running

Lord, I come running to you! You are the one I desire to be so close to. I am just like a little child running to his mother and leaping into her arms to be held, hugged & kissed. That is my desire. My prayers go deep and are sent directly to you. I lay all my faults down to you Lord, because you are the one who can take them and heal me. Your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path in which I run. There is no other God but you Lord! Others may find someone or something else to suffice the emptiness that I seem to have, but I choose you Lord! If it had not been for you Lord, who is on my side, where would I be?

Many people run different ways, different distances and different speeds. I am a runner for you and to you Lord at the pace that you have set for me! I have to run to you. I have to come running to you! That remains my desire…to continuously run…and never stop running to you because you keep me! You are my strength! Lord you are the strength in me that keeps me running towards you and keeps me leaping into your arms to be held, hugged & kissed! Yes Lord you are my strength!! But God…you already know. I come running to you!

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