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When You Think....

Have you ever thought in your mind that you were ready for something and even walked through what you thought you were ready for.  When looking back on it after you have grown for a while, you did I get through all of that, when I really wasn't ready for all that!  Only God knows and o…

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There comes a time in life when the question is asked, “Is there a worth to what is being done?”  There is always a place of worth, whether there is an agreement or not in the mind, there just must be a positive thought process going on.  If there are negative thoughts moving down the road, there wi…

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I Come Running

Lord, I come running to you! You are the one I desire to be so close to. I am just like a little child running to his mother and leaping into her arms to be held, hugged & kissed. That is my desire. My prayers go deep and are sent directly to you. I lay all my faults down to you Lord, because you ar…

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I Wanna Pray

I wanna pray, Lord help me to pray.  Many of your scriptures tell us to pray without ceasing.  It says prayer is our means of communication with you.  Lord when I go into prayer a lot of times I’m not quite sure how I need to come to you.  But, your word says in Matthew 28:12, “Come unto me all ye t…

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My Desire

At some point in our walk with God we come upon a desire to do greater, to love greater and to please our heavenly Father in a greater manner! We desire so much more from God then we ever have. When you desire something, you will do just about anything to get it and will make sure it pleases you no …

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Throughout Your Seasons

S - Serve the Lord with Gladness - (Psalms 100:2)

E - Enter into His gates with Thanksgiving - (Psalms 100:4)

A - And into His courts with Praise - (Psalms 100:4)

S - Seek ye 1st the kingdom of God - (Matthew 6:33)

O - One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism - (Ephesians 4:5)

N - No weapon f…

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Forgiveness - You Won't Regret It

FORGIVENESS, but sometimes it still hurts

I find that FORGIVENESS can get the best of me with a tear or two, but....

FORGIVENESS is what I'm supposed to do

Who am I not to FORGIVE and just let go

FORGIVENESS is the ultimate thing to do

After all "HE" did it for us

Yes "HE"" is JESU…

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Is Hurt Worth Going to Hell?

Many of us have been hurt in life, but IS IT WORTH GOING TO HELL? 

All throughout life there will be times that we are hurt physically or mentally, but IS IT WORTH GOING TO HELL? 

There will be times that we are hurt by something or someone, but IS IT WORTH GOING TO HELL for? 

There will…

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What is Spiritual Wellness?

Romans 12:1-2 "I beseech you therefore brethren (sisters), by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.  And do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove wha…

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Only God!!

There are times in our lives when we wonder how?  We wonder why?  We even wonder where?  A lot of times we come up with our own answers and we come up with our own ideas, but we must understand that it's Only God!!  God has always been there in the midst of every situation that has come about.  God …

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But Faith

Before I went into prayer tonight, I felt in my spirit to read Hebrews 11.  I have read this chapter of Hebrews many times, but this is how it all came out to me.  Read it and be blessed! 


"Now FAITH is the substance; Through FAITH we understand; By FAITH Abel offered unto God; By FAITH …

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What Is This Path?

What is this path?  There will come a time in your life whereas you stop and you wonder, what is this path that I have been assigned to follow?  Sometimes you wonder if you are on the right path, so you search and search the Lord through prayer.  You have heard from the Lord and because others don't…

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So many times we just assume that we know what we are blessed with and how we are blessed.  But what about the small things?  What about the things that we don't even think about each and everyday or each and every minute?  We wake up and we assume that we are going to be healthy and strong, while b…

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When You Wonder Why??

Sometimes in life when thing happen you tend to wonder why? Why did this happen?  Why did they say that?  Why did they do that?  Was this supposed to happen?  Is this my fault?  Well it's not always our fault.  Sometimes things are just going to happen in life that we just don't understand, BUT....w…

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What is the definition of “TRUST?”  “Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something.”  You ask yourself, “Do I TRUST?”  Some say they TRUST and others say they just can’t seem to TRUST.  What has brought you to a level of mistrust?  What has taken …

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Ability To Stand

Sometimes in life we have many situations that test our ability to stand. We have situations that hit us on all different types of levels. We have situations that hit us hard & some that hit us some. But in spite of those situations...."are you still gonna stand?" Sometimes those situations are so g…

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That Path Called "Life"

That path called “Life” can be so mind-blowing that we sometimes wonder is this for real?  We have so many paths that we can go down, but which one are we going to travel down?  Sometimes it’s like being in the woods and being lost, but there are a few paths that we can choose to take.  One path loo…

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What are we blind to?

What are we blind to? So many times we walk around on a daily basis and we become blind to things. Are we blind to the woman that's hurting? Are we blind to the hungry child? Are we blind to our own mental issues? What exactly are we blind to? Think about it.  If you look at the anatomy of the eyes.…

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Looking Back to Move Forward

Many times we want to look back into the past. What is in the past that we need to concentrate on it? What is in the past that is going to bring healing to us? Are we content with looking back? The most we can do is learn from the past and move forward in a positive direction. Stop the negatives and…

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Why Do We Pick and Choose?

Why do we pick and choose? Why do we pick and choose who we are going to be nice to? Who we are going to talk to? Who we are going to minister to? Does that person truly have to have the same personality that we do? Do they have to know what we know? Image the number of women that you miss out o…

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